The Aesthetics of Afterlife

I needed to find an innocuous but cool image to put on the header of a newly set up Facebook group—that moment when the host feels the obligation to drop a joke that is neither too fresh nor too handy, neither too unerring nor too vulgar, but interesting enough to slowly break the ice and keep everyone optimistically hanging on. Coming into an ultimate impasse by fishing around for a clue in the never resting flow of Google results, I started digging deep into the intra-spiraling Matryoshka of files and folders resting on my hard drive. At the expense of nauseating nostalgia, I came across tiny lo-fi thumbnails that I used to produce for every single of the posts on my previous blog. Ranging from documentations of self-published projects, exhibition reviews, translations and therapeutic rant and ephemera, the contents of the blog, including the images, were at some point brought down all together due to a reason now consigned to oblivion. Here are some of the thumbnails, which I now find to be totally cool but nevertheless fall short of fulfilling what I was looking for. Not because they are too derivative to stand on their own, or too painfully stuck in a past life to be easily dragged forward, but because they must be at least 400 pixels wide and at least 150 pixels tall to meet the requirements of a cover photo.